We often quote coupons and codes like they’re identicalfactorhowever there square measure some delicatevariations, and understanding them canassist youset up your promoting campaigns with a lot ofexactness.

A coupon is a picture with a message that you simplyoffer to users after theyparticipatein a very promotion. The coupon will then be ransomed for a reduction or gift at fixed points of sale. Coupons square measureterribly visual, within thekind of flyers, cut-out-and-keep coupons, PDFs, or pictures to share on social media. and that they don’t essentiallyembrace a promotional code.

In distinction, a promo code refers to the precise, verifiable character set code that users will redeem for a reduction, deal or free gift. The question is, if you’ll be able to use coupons to advertize a promotion, why use codes in the slightest degree